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From bookkeeping to customized consulting..... and beyond! Balancing Act Small Business Services is about helping you - the business owner - use your valuable time wisely. 

But don't let the name fool you! Although it says "small" in the title, we work with companies of all sizes, all across the country. 

Schedule a Discovery Consult today! Let's see how we can make BIG things happen!

Bookkeeping is the backbone of our operation. We offer services ranging from the very simple maintenance and reconciliation to full-service daily transactional with payroll, tax filings, etc. We also offer setup and clean-up services. We put together customized packages designed to fit your exact needs at affordable rates. Whether you are a sole operator, a partnership or a multi-member LLC, we have the knowledge to keep your books clean and straight!

Tax Services


As a credentialed Enrolled Agent (EA), Tammy has been admitted to practice before the IRS in representing client matters. She is educated and skilled in tax strategy and preparation for both individuals and businesses. Add to a bookkeeping package for even more value - get ahead of the tax man before the time arrives. Plan for deductions and credits, know where to spend your hard earned money the best possible way. "Nothing is certain but death and taxes" - let's help you avoid being taxed to death, shall we?

Accounts Mgmt/CFO


Need someone to just handle it all for you? We can do that, too. Leave your AR/AP, payroll, budgeting, benefits management to us. We'll handle it all, no worries, and regularly report back to you to keep you updated and in the know. Want to launch a special project, or create financial targets for the future? We can run the numbers and help plan a strategy that gets you there. Specialized service for your individual or business' needs - that's what we do.

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